This Christmas

For this assignment I used 4 of my pictures. For my background picture I used two pictures of the reflection of the lights in the ornaments. Then I used another picture I took of my Christmas tree outside. The picture of myself I took it in school but I cropped the background it had and just used myself. Then I blended all my pictures by lowering the opacity. Some have higher opacity than others so the colors could stand out. I put "This Christmas" because of all the colorful lights and the tree.

ATPI Entries

ATPI Entries I enjoyed taking all these pictures. Some of them I took when I was either in vacation and or in the field trip that we went to in Downtown and the Riverwalk. I took my time taking then and they came out better than others that I have previously. I didn't have to edit them that much because of how they originally came out. To enter them it kind of took time but this year I entered a lot more than I did last year. I entered all my favorites and more than I thought I could.  Advertising- I liked the different types of blue and how the clouds look. Also how the wing is in a corner and then you can see underneath it.
 Architecture- For this picture I didn't edit that much. The colors came out like that and I liked it.
 Cell Phone- This is one of my favorite pictures that I entered for ATPI. I like how there is only one main thing and how its in the corner. I also like how the water is calm and there's no waves.
 Nature- I like how theres is different shades of pur…

Farewell Blog

This year I have learned a lot in photography. I learned that anything can be seen in different ways. I learned so many things I can do by editing and how I can photoshop anything. One advice I have is that pay attention to how the teacher is explaining everything because it can get hard once you're doing the project on your own.

Color Painting

This project was really fun to do. There was a lot of things I used like brushes and all that. I blended most of it and yeah.

Stained Glass Bird

So what I did was I blended the background, then I colored the bird with different colors and then I guess I was done.


This was my first time doing a composite picture. At first it was hard but as I kept doing more it ept getting easier. It was a fun project.

Bubbles using Topaz

This project was fun and hard. It was was fun because we made bubbles and that's always fun??? It was hard to get a good picture and also when editing them with Topaz. At the end I liked how they came out with and or without the Topaz filter thing.