This Christmas

For this assignment I used 4 of my pictures. For my background picture I used two pictures of the reflection of the lights in the ornaments. Then I used another picture I took of my Christmas tree outside. The picture of myself I took it in school but I cropped the background it had and just used myself. Then I blended all my pictures by lowering the opacity. Some have higher opacity than others so the colors could stand out. I put "This Christmas" because of all the colorful lights and the tree.


  1. I love your photo and how you put the Christmas tree in.

  2. I like how jolly you look. and how the colors are

  3. I like that your theme was Christmas and how all the lights look around you.

  4. i like your poser it's really i like how it gives a Christmas vibe.

  5. i like your picture even though you and laizcha's looks the same in away.


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